The quest for modern digital technologies executes an identical dynamic slice in the presentation of contemporary market. Innovative pioneering technologies are inward bound into the business settings with applications novel to that of Exoskeletons (wearable power boosters and robotic assistance), Mobile Telematics (innovative telesensing technology, clear vision, sound, smell, touch and taste with data analytics), Drones (Unmanned aerial /terestrial /submerged vehicle), Additive Manufacturing (3D printing or laser sintering), and Distributed Autonomous Systems which are separated distributed components with varied degree of autonomy for collaboration and control (UAV-AR- fuzzy algorithm- interferometer platform). 

The industry 4.0 customisations with sensors (feeling devices) or tracking (lasers, radars, and non-invasive) devices lead to innumerable insights on Artificial Intelligence. Thus, for formulating the Process flows to be pioneering with maximised options and actions. Supplementing to this is the online Payments and assured Blockchain interventions that share to fetch a very confident contact, for physical goods transfer or fulfilment of service commitment and cash flow piping.  Thus the Cyber Physical System harmonization is going to bring cascading benefits in commercial progressions and payoffs in the digital world. 

We partner in implementing emerging technology applications

Implementation Consortium 

CIIC - Health / Engineering Initiatives

SENZEBE - O & G Solutions,  truck tracking & auto-invoicing

EMSENCE  - AI, ML, IoT, Medical Technologies

SG Aviation  - Material Handling 


Imran Aslan -  I4 Tech, Remote Sensing, Artificial Decision Making

A Abirami -  CyberSecurity

Igor Jurčić - Telecom (Operation - Project - Services)

Priya R.L - AI, ML, NLP, Web Apps

Priya L - Blockchain Projects in solidity, Ethereum 

Mahesh - AR, Computer Vision

V. K. Gupta - Robotics 

Varalatchoumy M - Medical Image Processing, ML