World Resources Webinar is a Public Member of the World Economic Forum, which was seeded on 02.08.2020 during the pandemic with the support of Academics, Industry and Researchers from various parts of the world. The short form of World Resources Webinar ( is WRW. As a global community, we share a common virtual space through communication platforms, social networking and media which connects expertise, research and innovation in new emerging technologies, inclusive of industry professionals, academics, researchers and innovators. We wanted to have an implementation platform, to solve the lagging areas, with right experts to make things possible using emerging technology skills globally.

We are a global group of academics, practicing professionals and researchers, specialising in the field of emerging technologies. We got into this focus after conducting conferences and contests in emerging technologies. During then we identified that there are lacunae in the basic understandings of Industry 4.0 skills. Hence, we evolved a group, for delivering the new and special skills in the areas of digital and its applications in all verticals, through programs planned on python, deep learning, machine learning, AI, robotics, AR/VR, cyber security, cloud computing, IoTs, Big Data, Simulation, and Systems Integration etc., so that participants can get benefitted by learning through such programs.  

World Resources Webinar conducts workshops, free of charge, as it reaches more people to wriggle out their thinking process, with knowledge enrichment, through which they can get to see more options and viability to apply in their real world. This would pave the way to exploit the better use of the emerging technologies, as the beginning of a real global connect for assisting students, researchers and faculty along with the industry professionals for networking and continue the connection to experience phenomenal growth of industry 4.0. 

When it comes to practical implementation, we need to get it as a business and impossible to be on a free mode. Hence WRW Services is to serve initially as outsourcing partner and evolve in the future, to support the parent organization with the emerging technology application implementations. The process requirements and customizations of the technology is to be understood in full to implement as to make it fine-fit solution, only when the work delivery is as good as theirs in-house, as it used to be. 

The application of emerging technologies plays a very vital role in the performance of modern-day business. New cutting-edge technologies are entering the business environment like Exoskeletons, Mobile Telematics, Drones, Additive Manufacturing, and Distributed Autonomous Systems. These industry 4.0 applications using sensors or tracking devices lead to various insights through Artificial Intelligence. Preparing the Process flows to be innovative with varied decisions. Further, Digital Payments and Blockchain are bringing a very assured transactions, for physical goods transfer and cash flow piping.  Thus, the Cyber and Physical coordination shall bring leaps in business processes and benefits in the digital world. 

Hence, we envisage WRW services as a serving gamut with technology and Physical requirements of the outsourcing organization.