WRW Services LLP

We are Industry 4.0 Implementation Partners

Our Concentration - Global Priority of Manufacturing Industries

Vision Solution 

End of line Inspection & Defect detection

Part indentification & Dimensions Checks

OCR/OCV Applications

Product classification and counting

Safety Monitoring

Cobot Solution

Vision and sensor based inspection

Welding & Laser Cutting 

Dispensing - Spraying, Painting

Robot Operating System (ROS) & Development

Textile Screen printing Applications

AR/VR Solution

Augmented Learning & Self evaluation

Retail Solution

Anti theft / shop lifting

We craft Computer vision & Deep learning use-cases to facilitate swift end-to-end customization and development

Scenario to Solution

1.  Organization shares the scenario (area that needs support)

2.  We will carryout ‘as-is’ analysis

3.  Propose your organization the ‘framework of solution’

4.  Articulation, Document verification, SOP aherence and Iterative understanding of the ‘reality’

5.  Formulate the implementable ‘solution’

6.  Solution implementation ‘Plan – Process – Deliverables – Milestones – Payment’

7.   Deliver out the ‘outsourced’ activity

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